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Trap Pro


Rick Marshall Jr.

Home Town
Lincoln, Nebraska

Home Shooting Facilities
Lincoln Trap and Skeet

ATA Classes - AAA-27-AAA
NSSA Classes – AAA / AA
NSCA Class - Master

My Speciality
Trapshooting! But i do shoot Skeet and Sporting Clays!

Why did i choose Fiocchi?
The Quality and performance is the best! 

Major Accomplishments
F27-Time ATA All American 2-Time Men's Captain
21 Time Mens first team, 1 second team, 2 time Sub junior and 3 time Junior All American
Trapshooting Hall Of Fame Member (2015)
Nebraska Hall of Fame Member (1998)
1 of 3 People in Trapshooting History to Break a 400X400 All Around 2013 Western Satellite Grand Vernal, Utah
4 Time World Grand American Championships (2000 Doubles Champion, 2006 All Around, 2006 High Overall and 2008 Doubles Champion)
50+ Satellite Grand Championships
23 Nebraska State Trap Championships
2 Nebraska State Skeet Championships

Stacy Rehor
Home Town

Home Shooting Facilities
I grew up on a ranch North of the rural town New Raymer, Colorado.  Now I live on a few acres South of the rural town Keenesburg, Colorado.

Home shooting facility
Growing up I shot practice on a Pat Trap that Dad set up on our ranch.  Now our local clubs are Golden Gun Club near Watkins, Colorado Clays near Brighton, Colorado.  We also shoot at Pawnee Sportsman Club near Briggsdale, Colorado.

My Speciality
I shoot Trap Singles, Trap Doubles, and Trap Handicap.

ATA Classification
AAA Singles
27 Handicap
AAA Doubles
Category: Lady 1

Favorite Fiocchi Product
Exacta 1 once light target 12TL8 are my favorite Fiocchi product because of its very low recoil and its ability to smash clay targets.

Why you shoot Fiocchi ammunition?
On average I shoot around 20,000 shotgun rounds a year in competition, therefore, I know how important using ammunition with low recoil and a great pattern is to winning championships.  That's why I choose to shoot Fiocchi ammunition.

Recent Major Wins
I won 21 total trophies at the 2017 Grand American World Trapshooting Championship, Lady 1 High Over All Champion at the 2017 Grand American World Trapshooting Championship, Lady 1 2600 Champion at the Grand American World Trapshooting Championship (I actually ended up 5th overall in the 2600), Lady 1 Runner-Up Singles Championship at the Grand American World Trapshooting Championship, 2017 Spring Grand Singles Champion (first woman to win this title), 2017 Women's All American First Team Member

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