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Fiocchi Friends Dog Contest


It is not easy to create a good contest on face- book but we managed, thanks to you, to have a successfull one : “Fiocchi Friends”.

You love your dogs and create a great team with them, they are not only cuddly pets, but work partners. And you are not simple owners, you are the leaders of the pack. We see the love and care that goes in each picture, we see the com- mitment to your dogs in each story.

Our team, on the other hand, really loves dogs, both our own, and yours, we often find our- selves exchanging comments about the pictures and the stories we receive. And some of your pictures are screen savers on our computers.

This year there have been many more partic- ipants than any other year, we would like to thank you for all of this, it has been great fun and a great thing to see so many people send us a piece of their outdoor life. We would love to thank Scott Linden too for his great expertise and help.

We think that in truth, all the dogs have won. They have won the best prize that there is for any four legged friend: they have the best own- er in the world, a person that cares for them, feeds them, keeps them warm, trains them and lets them express their great personality and capabilities in the wild, something that not many people do these days.

But, we could only give a prize to few of these humans!

So here they are:

- 1st Ann Spiegel
- 2nd Aaron Kostuch - 3d Austin Miller
- 4th David Clements - 5th Dana Farrell
- 6th Graham Tweed - 7th Mary Mc Neese - 8th Brad Klock -9th JuanPepe

Beyond manufacturing excellent ammunition, Fiocchi’s commitment to bird hunters is strong and sincere, as evidenced by their sponsorship of my show and our “Fiocchi Friends” pho- to contest. This initiative honors our valued hunting partners, bird dogs. The people at Fi- occhi understand the unique connection be- tween hunters and their four-footed partners.

My association with Fiocchi started long be- fore they sponsored my television series. By trial and error (mainly error), I learned that Fiocchi helped put more birds on the ground for my dogs. We began our professional associ- ation when I sought out Fiocchi as I do all my sponsors: I believe in the performance of their products and want you to know about them, too.

I hope you will read the entire Fiocchi cata- log you’re now holding. But if you’re a hunt- er, I’ll bet you will truly appreciate the imag- es on our Fiocchi Friends page. They portray the intensity and pure magic a dog brings to a day afield. Heroes, clowns, loyal com- panions ... hunting dogs complete our ex- perience in the woods, marshes and fields.

The lucky random winner of the the Mossberg shotgun is: Charlie Speight!

And, as every year, we decided to give a thank you prize even for a Mascot not of the canine persuasion ;-)

Mascot is ... Theodore Carpenter’s cat!

Thank you all for being part of this, and do re- member there is a contest every year, so you may enter your dog next year and win!

The Fiocchi Web Team

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