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Rimfire Pro

Home Shooting Facilities
I have an outdoor rimfire range next to my house, and a short rimfire range in my barn. I am also a member of the Yakima Rifle & Pistol Association in Yakima, WA. Where I shoot as often as possible.

My Specialties

- International Steel Shooting Association Speed Steel Shooting in the Rimfire Optic Pistol division using a tuned High Standard .22LR pistol and FIOCCHI Standard Velocity ammunition.- ISS

- Centerfire Optic Division using a Tanfoglio 9mm. Race gun with hand loads and FIOCCHI primers.

- NSSF Rimfire Competition using the High Standard .22 pistol and a custom Ruger/TacSol 10/22 rifle.

- I also have been known to shoot bowling pins, falling plates, metallic silhouette, sage rats, and just about anything else, given the chance! 

Why did I choose FIOCCHI?
A single round failing to feed or failing to fire at just the wrong time (which is when it usually happens) can cost you the entire match. Accuracy is nice, but reliability is the name of the game in speed steel shooting. With FIOCCHI rimfire ammunition I not only have excellent reliability, but very good accuracy too, the best of both worlds. The FIOCCHI small pistol primers are also very reliable.

My Favorite FIOCCHI Product
22FLRN .22LR Std. Velocity ammunition and FIOCCHI Small Pistol Primers

Who introduced you to the sport ? 
Having been raised mostly on a farm, I have been around firearms most of my life. I have been shooting for well over fifty years, starting with my very first rifle, a Winchester Model 62A, which I purchased for $35 when I was about fifteen. I still have that rifle, and it still is one of my favorites. Fifteen years ago or so I bought a used Hi Standard Model B pistol that was missing a few parts. I thought it would be fun to fix it up and try it out.
Once it was complete, I took it to a local club to try it out. It was on a Saturday, and when I arrived, one of the guys asked me if I was there for the bowling pin match. I had no idea what that was, but he explained that it was a man on man elimination match shooting bowling pin tops off of a steel table. Whoever cleaned of his table first won the round. Why not, I figured!I went over to one of the pistol ranges and function tested it, figured out where it was shooting, and then signed up for the match. Much to my surprise, I ended up third against some pretty good shooters! Was I hooked? You bet! From there I went on to try other disciplines, and now shoot mostly steel matches. 


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