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Since these are always usefull, and you may find recipies from other parts of the world in our little Kitchen, we think this conversion table may be usefull for you:

Weights Dimensions Volume Gas Temperature          American Cup Conversions American Liquid Conversions
Imperial     Metric    Imperial    Metric Imperial Metric American Imperial    Metric    American    Imperial    Metric   
½ oz 10 g ¹⁄₈ inch 3 mm 2 fl oz 55 ml 275°F 140°C 1 cup flour 5oz 150g ½ fl oz 15 ml 1 tbsp
¾ oz 20 g ¼ inch 5 mm 3 fl oz 75 ml 300°F 150°C 1 cup caster/ granulated sugar 8oz 225g 1 fl oz 30 ml 1/8 cup
1 oz 25 g ½ inch 1 cm 5 fl oz (¼ pint) 150 ml 325°F 170°C 1 cup brown sugar 6oz 175g 2 fl oz 60 ml ¼ cup
1½ oz 40 g ¾ inch 2 cm 10 fl oz (½ pint) 275 ml 350°F 180°C 1 cup butter/margarine/lard 8oz 225g 4 fl oz 120 ml ½ cup
2 oz 50 g 1 inch 2.5 cm 1 pint 570 ml 375°F 190°C 1 cup sultanas/raisins 7oz 200g 8 fl oz 240 ml 1 cup
2½ oz 60 g 1¼ inch 3 cm 1 ¼ pint 725 ml 400°F 200°C 1 cup currants 5oz 150g 16 fl oz 480 ml 1 pint
3 oz 75 g 1½ inch 4 cm 1 ¾ pint 1 litre 425°F 220°C 1 cup ground almonds 4oz 110g      
4 oz 110 g 1¾ inch 4.5 cm 2 pint 1.2 litre 450°F 230°C 1 cup golden syrup 12oz 350g      
4½ oz 125 g 2 inch 5 cm 2½ pint 1.5 litre 475°F 240°C 1 cup uncooked rice 7oz 200g      
5 oz 150 g 2½ inch 6 cm 4 pint 2.25 litres     1 cup grated cheese 4oz 110g      
6 oz 175 g 3 inch 7.5 cm         1 stick butter 4oz 110g      
7 oz 200 g 3½ inch 9 cm                    
8 oz 225 g 4 inch 10 cm                    
9 oz 250 g 5 inch 13 cm                    
10 oz 275 g 5¼ inch 13.5 cm                    
12 oz 350 g 6 inch 15 cm                    
1 lb 450 g 6½ inch 16 cm                    
1 lb 8 oz 700 g 7 inch 18 cm                    
2 lb 900 g 7½ inch 19 cm                    
3 lb 1.35 kg 8 inch 20 cm                    
    9 inch 23 cm                    
    9½ inch 24 cm                    
    10 inch 25.5 cm                    
    11 inch 28 cm                    
    12 inch 30 cm                    

This is an amazing small appetizer, you can have these with a glass of champagne or white wine while you wait for the main course or just as a nice snack if you have someone visiting you for a happy hour at home, I am sure that all of you that love to go fishing will like this idea as it is so simpe and quick to do (always remember fish appetizers should be served only if the other courses include more fish, white meat and poultry or vegetable based dishes).

Ingredients for 4 people

- 1 smoked trout cut in classic slices
- 200 gr of fresh spreadable caprino cheese (or philadelphia if you cannot find it)
- 25 gr of soft pink peppercorns (if you do not like pepper, you can subsitute this with minced chives or grated lemon zest)
- salt
- fresh chive strands to close your wraps

With a fork Blend the cheese with the pink pepper and a little bit of salt, lay down a slice of smoked trout, and with a small spoon put a spoonfull of cheese on one side of the slice.
Wrap it up, and close it with a strand of chive, making a little know to fasten it (if this is too complicated for you do not worry since the chesses should help the wrap to stay closed).
Repeat to create as many as you can. And voilà it is already done! Quick and easy.



Directly from the italian traditional kitchen this is really a great dish to prepare, quick and easy but will be loved by all in the family.

- 3 cups of hare or rabbit or hare meat minced, no bones
- 1.5 cup of potatoes, mashed with a fork, nothing else added
- 4 to 6 table spoons of butter ( or as necessary to fry but not make them become too fat)
- 2 eggs
- 3 table spoons of crushed nuts
- 1 teaspoon rosemary, time
- 1 teaspoon of parmeasan cheese
- flour
- a little bit of olive oil, one Tablespoon should be fine
- salt
for the sauce
- 3 table spoons of crushed nuts
- mustard
- 1 teaspoon olive oil
- 1Pt of chicken broth.
- cooking cream ( as you like)
Put the hare (or rabbit) meat  in the blending machine, add the potatoes, the 2 eggs, crushed nuts, parmigiano, salt, and herbs.
Mix them and mash them together really well.
In a plate put a couple of handfuls of flour, make little balls of the mix you put in the blender with your hands and roll them in the flour. Once they are covered with flour, put them on a side in a plate.
Make as many little balls that you can. Then, in a large frying pan, heat the butter with a small amount of olive oil, let it get nice and warm. Then fry the meatballs in it, check them out to be perfectly cooked and check the salt (should be around 4 minutes on each side). Put them on a plate that you had first coated with kitchen paper to dry them out.
In the meanwhile prepare the sauce. In a small pot, put the chicken broth, a couple of teaspoons of mustard (or as many as you wish depending on your personal taste), the nuts, oil, and add and check the salt. Mix all together and let it become dense and boil a while. When it is nice, tasty and not completely liquid anymore (i add some cream to it often to get it more solid).
Put the "Polpette di Lepre" In a plate, and pour this salsa over it. Serve warm.
This is great served with mashed potatoes or spinach on the side!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you ^^

Today we have decided to give you a quick but very tasty recipe, for all of you that either will have some turkey leftover meat, or will not have, for any reason, the possibility to spend this thanksgiving with enough people to cook a whole turkey.

Ingredients for 2:
- 4 to 6 Slices of turkey breast (raw) or raw leftovers of turkey meat in the same quantity
- 3 lemons (wash them and remove the zest with a grater and put it on the side)
- half cup of white flour
- half cup of white whine
- half cup of boiling water
- Black pepper (decide quantity acording to own taste)
- salt
- 1 teaspoon of butter
- 1 tablespoon of oil
- 1 Frying Pan and lid

Wash the lemons and with a grater remove the zest and put it on the side.
Take the turkey breasts and cover them completely in flour and put them on the side.
Warm up a pan with oil and butter, let the butter melt, and when it is nice and warm, turn the fire to medium high.
Put the turkey breasts in the pan and allow them to get nice and golden turning them on every side. Salt as needed, then put the fire on LOW and throw the zests, and the 1/2 cup of wine on the turkey, let it slowly evaporate, and before the turkey dries, pour the cup of boiling water on it, with pepper. Cover it partially with the lid and let all liquid slowly evaporate while turning the turkey meat once in a while untill the turkey and pan will be in a nice velvety thick lemon sauce.

This dish is really nice if you decide to accompany it with roast potatoes or simple white rice and steamed artichokes seasoned in lemon and olive oil. White wine would probably be the best choice for it or even a nice fresh blonde beer will do!

Buon appetito!

We love this simple and tasty recipe for Doves. It comes from the italian region of Umbria (in the center of the "boot"), we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


- 3 Doves*
- 95 gr of olive oil
- 200 gr of a mix of carefully hand minced carrots, onion and celery
- 3 Garlic cloves
- a hand full of thyme, sage, rosemary (possibly fresh)
- 2 bay leaves
- 95 gr of white dry wine, mixed with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
- small croutons, quickly sautéed in olive oil until nice and golden.
- salt

Clean the Doves perfectly (you can quickly pass them over a flame to get rid of the last small feathers), cut them to medium pieces.
Pour the oil in a pot and let it get nice and warm. When it is warm, throw the Doves in and let the simmer until they become of a nice slightly golden color.
Add in the carrot/celery/onion mix and the herbs, adjust salt to your own taste, stir very well until all is nicely mixed. Pour in the wine, and let all of this cook stirring once in a while for 40 mins (do add HOT water if they seem to dry for you, this should not be a broth put it does not have to look like a something burned either :-D ), when done, put the birds on a side, take the gravy that is left in the pot, and blend it. Filter it. Pour it over the doves with the croutons and let everything sit for 5 mins before you serve.

Buon Appetito!

*Do remember, you need to leave the Doves 5 or 6 days hanging in a well ventilated area, with their feathers still on to have them tenderize.*



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