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One month ago circa, we headed out for a different week-end, it was so much fun we chose to put a brief article here for you to learn what GNAT warfare is all about!

The combat rules are simple, you start with a 5 man team.
The planes will make 5 passes in front of the shooting line.
Each shooter will get two shots per pass.
Your team will be scored on how many of the exploding charges have been detonated on the bottom of the plane.
The planes will be between 50 – 80 feet in front of the shooting line and between 30 – 50 feet in elevation.
The targets will make passes from both directions right to left, left to right.
There will be high passes and low passes.
There is a pattern to the flights but that is up to the skill of the teams to figure out.

That’s what makes Shooting the Gnat so challenging.

Each team will have the same opportunity as the next.
Once our skilled pilots put the target into the killing zone all odds are the same as the next.
Remember when shooting birds there is no pre-determined flight path just the same point of origin.
So choose your shooting partners wisely because remember WAR IS HELL! , good luck !


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