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This past weekend, I had the pleasure to shoot Helice or ZZ birds at the Smokin Gun’s brand new ring in Mesquite, NV.  If you’re not familiar with Helice, it is a very exciting shotgun game.  The “targets” consist of an orange plastic propeller with a white dome.  The dome is called the “witness”.  When the target is hit properly, the witness separates from the propeller.  It must then fall inside the shooting area that is bound by a short fence.  The speed of the spinning targets we shot was 5100 rpm and 6000 rpm.

A normal course of fire is a 30-bird event.  Each shooter attempts five (5) targets, then the next shooter shoots his five and so on.  Starting at the 24-yard line, once a shooter scores a perfect 5 out of 5, he then “slides” back one yard.  You wouldn’t think moving back 3-feet would make a difference, but it can.

Joining me was Neal Johnson, George Marnell, John Zambetti, Guy Martin and 15-year-old Travis Martin.  Neal and I have shot Helice together for years… the rest enjoyed their first time.  Marnell started off like a house of fire scoring his first eleven (11) targets as dead.  Having run the first two rounds, he had slid back to the 26-yard line.  After his 11th target, he missed the next four (4).

Youngster Travis ended up beating the rest of us with a spectacular first time score of 26 out of 30.  The rest of us… we’ll we had so much fun we shot another 20 birds.

As with any shotgun shooting, the ammo really makes a difference.  As the Helice rules limit the load to 1 oz., Fiocchi offers our 12SCRN75 (Super Crusher Nickel Shot) for ZZ birds.  The Fiocchi Crusher (12CRSR75) also worked extremely well.

For giggles and grins, I used the Fiocchi 12CPTR8 (Interceptor Spreader) on the first shot for one round.  I did kill three (3) out of five targets however the ones I didn’t score were on edge.  Fiocchi doesn’t recommend this load for Helice… we’ll discuss the proper application in another report.


For more information, please go to , , and .  Thanks again to Jason, Karrie, Connie, Nate, Mike, and everyone at the Smokin Gun for a great day!!! #fiocchi    @fiocchi_ammunition


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