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Congratulations and thank you all!!!

Jack, Kenny Armstrong's dog, won the “Billy Ring Classic” Tournament that was held this weekend at the Bama Birddog Club in Lincoln Alabama.
Jack’s overall scores totals from 2 days of competitions, out preformed 35 other dogs from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.


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A little field testing with our friends at Benelli, running their new #Ethos 28 gauge with a 3" chamber.
Fiocchi of America is proud to have partnered with Benelli to develop the first 3" 28 gauge on the market.

Here is what a Benelli team member on the hunt had to say about the shells:

"WOW, they are great. The group is thoroughly impressed with the knock down power of these new loads. We were killing pheasants stone dead at 50 yards."



The first Fiocchi Family Fun Day was a huge success!!! Plant employees were invited to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Academy in Ridgedale, Missouri yesterday. The folks and their families participated in our first Redneck 3-Gun competition. The winners in each division were awarded Olympic style medals. The shooters tried their luck with shotguns, BB guns, and slingshots. Team Fiocchi / Benelli shooter Dianna Mueller and her family set up steel targets so we could try the shotgun portion of a 3-Gun match. A big thanks to the PSCA for setting up the venue and having the Pro Shooters mentor, meet, and greet our people.


ike many Americans, I was raised watching John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and others riding high in the saddle, with a Colt .45 on the hip and a Winchester lever action close by. Those movies have spawned an entire industry among grown adults… Cowboy action shooting and re-enactments are a very popular pastime. In fact several firearm companies currently offer modern replicas of the Peacemaker .45, lever action rifles and even period clothing. Still, the true participant wants the actual gun that was used in that era, as do collectors. Unfortunately many of those original firearms are not capable of safely shooting modern high velocity ammo.

Recently Fiocchi released their line of Cowboy Action ammo and it has been quite popular. Fiocchi has included some of the more frequently used calibers, including, 32 S&W Long, 38 S&W Short, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 44 Special, 44-40, and of course 45 Long Colt. This line of ammo is loaded to lower case pressures and velocities, therefore most older smokeless powder guns can safely shoot it. . Older guns often cannot take the increased pressure of typical factory loadings, thus many collectors were forced to reload if they wanted to fire their old but prized possessions. Enter Fiocchi and their Cowboy Action lineup. The engineers have developed safe loads for older firearms that may have been relegated as safe queens.(Care should always be used – when in doubt check with a capable gunsmith)...


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