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ike many Americans, I was raised watching John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and others riding high in the saddle, with a Colt .45 on the hip and a Winchester lever action close by. Those movies have spawned an entire industry among grown adults… Cowboy action shooting and re-enactments are a very popular pastime. In fact several firearm companies currently offer modern replicas of the Peacemaker .45, lever action rifles and even period clothing. Still, the true participant wants the actual gun that was used in that era, as do collectors. Unfortunately many of those original firearms are not capable of safely shooting modern high velocity ammo.

Recently Fiocchi released their line of Cowboy Action ammo and it has been quite popular. Fiocchi has included some of the more frequently used calibers, including, 32 S&W Long, 38 S&W Short, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 44 Special, 44-40, and of course 45 Long Colt. This line of ammo is loaded to lower case pressures and velocities, therefore most older smokeless powder guns can safely shoot it. . Older guns often cannot take the increased pressure of typical factory loadings, thus many collectors were forced to reload if they wanted to fire their old but prized possessions. Enter Fiocchi and their Cowboy Action lineup. The engineers have developed safe loads for older firearms that may have been relegated as safe queens.(Care should always be used – when in doubt check with a capable gunsmith)...


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I won second place in the President Wayne Morris Handicap Tuesday the 9th. There was approx. 1770 shooters in the event. My second place was in the Sub Vet category. Had to win in two shoot off eliminations with six other guys. High for the event was one 100, five 99, nine 98, thirty 97, about fifty 96. I was one of the 96's. The high in my category was 97. I shot in 20 events in the 10 days. Over all I shot pretty well, in seven events I was only one target from shooting off for a place. Anyway I'm pretty happy coming away with a trophy considering the caliber of people I was competing with.

Tom Fester.

While my personal results were not what I was hoping for in the World Championships, I was proud to go into the final World Cup Event leading all the World’s Veteran shooters.  After a Silver Medal in the Championship of North America and then Gold in the Cup of the Americas and a Bronze in the U.S. Open F.I.T.A.S.C., I am happy with my shooting year so far.

My first day in Italy was solid, maybe two birds from where I would have liked to be.  Then the rains came.  The terrain we had to overcome in the rain was formidable and some of us handled it better than others.  At that point, trying to dig out of a hole was followed (as it usually is) by trying too hard not to miss.  That never works out and it certainly didn’t for me.

All of that notwithstanding, the effort put forth to host a fantastic World Championships was accomplished in amazing fashion.  After the torrential rains on the second day, by morning of the third day, the host club virtually eliminated any mud and physical challenges.  How they did that was virtually a miracle.

The facilities, hospitality, food, ceremonies and not to mention the beauty of the Umbrian countryside were absolutely off the chart.
Thanks to the wonderful support of Fiocchi and other sponsors, the 2016 World F.I.T.A.S.C. Championships was the single best event I have ever attended. Well done!

– Ed Arrighi

Fiocchi of America is proud to congratulate the three top contenders of the 2016 World FITASC
First place Derrick Mein Team USA
Second place George Digweed Team Great Britain
Third Place Anthony Matarese Jr.  Team USA


Congrats to Team Fiocchi's Anthony Matarese Jr for winning the 2016 World English!!! Good Job!!!


Thank you!


Our June Sponsor of the Month is Fiocchi Ammunition. Here is how we feel about Fiocchi, who is one of our Founding Sponsors, taken directly from their 2014 catalog:

"In our opinion, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics is the best economical target load out there and is the official ammo of Shoot For A Cure. It is consistent, hard hitting, and clean - we very rarely have a failure. We see over 1300 shooters each year and we clean 40-60 loaner guns after each event. When you shoot as many rounds thru those guns as we do, it's nice to know that they will function for the entire event and clean up fairly easily. We rely on Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for a great shooting experience for all of our shooters."

Many thanks to Carlo and Jackie, your continued support throughout the years means everything to us!!!

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Congratulations Brixey!


I went and participated at the Missouri 2016 State Steel Championship at the C.O.P.S Range in Rolla Missouri.  I am very happy to say that I was able to bring home the following:
Missouri State Champion in Rimfire Pistol Open Class
Missouri State Champion in Rimfire Rifle Open Class
First Place Rimfire Pistol Open Class
First Place Rimfire Rifle Open Class
First Place Overall Junior
I am very blessed with all of your support and my family and friends.
This is going to be a great season and thank you for being part of it. Without you none of this would be possible.
Thank you for allowing me represent Fiocchi Ammunition,

Junior Shooter
Brixey Nelson


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