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The article “Can Ingestion of Lead Shot and Poisons Change Population Trends of Three European Birds: Grey Partridge, Common Buzzard, and Red Kite?” has been published on the scientific magazine PlusOne

PlusOne is a peer-reviewed scientific magazine published by the Public Library of Science, a non-profit open access scientific publisher based in San Francisco, California, and in Cambridge, England.

Background information
The study is the result of an extensive research carried out on a wide range of animals in occasion of the drafting of the Lead REACH dossier submitted to ECHA in 2010. The data were subsequently submitted to an in-depth analysis and integrated by experts of the Arcadis, a US company specialised in the field,  in relation to three of the most significant species of terrestrial birds present in Europe.

The population models used for conducting the study are aimed to consider the “reasonable worst-case scenarios”, and the effects of ingestion of lead shots by birds has been studied at the population as well as the individual scale.

The text published is the result of a long and in-depth debate between the Arcadis experts and the reviewers of the Scientific Committee of the magazine.

The synthesis of the study can be summarized as follow:

Lead shots can cause poisoning of individual birds,
but it has no significant impact on the population level

Accidents, trauma, starvation, disease and bait poison are emerging as the most significant causes impacting the birds life trend. In particular, the ingestion of poisoned bait appears particularly relevant among the mortality causes and in addition induces sub-lethal reproductive impairment.

Link to the study
The complete study can be found online by clicking here.


Hello Fiocchi Friends!

While the Fiocchi team is busy and happy at the 2016 shot show, we at the Fiocchi Web Team, thought to put our new 2016 Catalog on-line
hoping to make all of you happy! You can view & download it HERE !!!

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This year is Fiocchi's 140th Anniversary! Thank you for choosing us!


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Skyler is a State Champion and nationally ranked shotgun shooter with a heart of gold. He is always the first to pitch in and help a stranger but this time it’s Skyler that needs our help.

At the age of 3, Skyler was diagnosed with a blood disorder called ITP. Skyler’s bone marrow is dying and he needs the help of a generous stranger to find his match. Skyler, nobly, is looking forward to getting into the hospital and getting transplant started. He’s already making plans for when he’s ‘better’ and we have no doubt that Skyler is going to do great things; that’s just his personality.

Registration takes 5-10 minutes and consists of a consent form and a cheek swab. Please join us in saving lives.


Did you know? Today, the most common form of marrow donation is through a non-surgical process.


Be The Match Representative:

Aubrie Vargas – (602) 277-1390

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Drive Coordinators:
The Ben Avery Clay Crushers
Uncle Mike Rogers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Well we had another very successful Fiocchi Grand Prix at Keystone Shooting Park! Here are photos of the awards ceremony. The weather and conditions were absolutely perfect and Collin Wiefeldt of the Olympic Training Center set a new range record (196 x 200). A news article will appear later this fall in Trapshooting USA magazine regarding the results of the Fiocchi Grand Prix. Team Keystone went to the Grand Prix of France last month in Cernay and the athletes dominated the competition and they came away with (4) medals:
Junior Gold Medalist = Lance Thompson (Youngest in 32 year history of event at 13 Years and 3 months old)
Junior Bronze Medalist = Ashton Werner
Ladies Bronze Medalist = Ann Jardin
Junior Ladies Gold Medalist = Heidi Bechtold
9th Place – Men’s Open = Alexander Dupre (9th out of 129)
There is a copy of a little article that appeared in a French newspaper about Lance’s accomplishment.

Congratulations to all! And thank you Allen B. Chubb, Jr!

2015 Fiocchi Grand Prix Champion Timothy Herbstsommer

2015 Fiocchi Grand Prix Medalists (L to R) = Samuel Leiendecker USA (Silver), Timothy Herbstsommer USA (Gold), Ann Jardin USA (Bronze)

 2015 Fiocchi Grand Prix Junior Medalist (L to R) = Ashton Werner USA (Silver), Mitchell Kleinfelter USA (Gold), Chase Gallagher USA (Bronze)

Little article that appeared in a French newspaper about Lance’s accomplishment

You can even enjoy a nice video of all here:

New generations of great Fiocchi Shooters are around and about!

Experiencing the best of Europe and U.S.A. in a healthy and sporty way! The best thing for young champions in Fiocchi's opinion!

Ashton  - is doing great! He just got back from a European training trip in Italy and France with the Keystone Shooting Team – it was a wonderful experience. The team visited 7 different shooting facilities and shot 5 different Tourneys.

Congratulations Ashton, perfectioning your great abilities and opening your mind!

TAV Cieli Aperti Bergamo, Italy

TAV Cieli Aperti Bergamo, Italy

TAV Belvedere Uboldo Italy

Keystone Shooting Park Dalmatia PA,USA

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