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Our June Sponsor of the Month is Fiocchi Ammunition. Here is how we feel about Fiocchi, who is one of our Founding Sponsors, taken directly from their 2014 catalog:

"In our opinion, Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics is the best economical target load out there and is the official ammo of Shoot For A Cure. It is consistent, hard hitting, and clean - we very rarely have a failure. We see over 1300 shooters each year and we clean 40-60 loaner guns after each event. When you shoot as many rounds thru those guns as we do, it's nice to know that they will function for the entire event and clean up fairly easily. We rely on Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for a great shooting experience for all of our shooters."

Many thanks to Carlo and Jackie, your continued support throughout the years means everything to us!!!

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Congratulations Brixey!


I went and participated at the Missouri 2016 State Steel Championship at the C.O.P.S Range in Rolla Missouri.  I am very happy to say that I was able to bring home the following:
Missouri State Champion in Rimfire Pistol Open Class
Missouri State Champion in Rimfire Rifle Open Class
First Place Rimfire Pistol Open Class
First Place Rimfire Rifle Open Class
First Place Overall Junior
I am very blessed with all of your support and my family and friends.
This is going to be a great season and thank you for being part of it. Without you none of this would be possible.
Thank you for allowing me represent Fiocchi Ammunition,

Junior Shooter
Brixey Nelson


Dear Jim,

Thank you fo the lovely e-mail and update that we post here!

- The Fiocchi Team


Dear Fiocchi Team,

thank you very much for your support of So Cal Top Guns youth program through your generous donation of ten cases of Fiocchi ammunition to the Gerald Shelley Memorial Shoot held at Moore-N-Moore on May 7, 2016.
I had a great team of Instructors who kept the program rolling.  We are back to full speed with our youth program now and I am currently hosting a NSCA Level I Instructor’s course.  We have also hosted three Ladies Clinics so far this year, with more on the horizon.
The competitive team is coming along nicely, with a number of them graduating from high school this year and others moving up through the ranks in the NSCA standings.



Wanted to share a couple of pictures from this weekend where Josey participated in the Mulligan 400 at her home club, Moore n’ Moore.  Josey won Lady and Sub Jr. CONGRATULATIONS FROM FIOCCHI!
She also did really well at the Western Regionals in Tucson where she shot her highest score to date, a 96.  It was good enough to get her in the #2 position on the leader board on Saturday for the event.  She is really growing in the sport and appreciates her sponsorship from Fiocchi.
One of the photos attached is Josey holding up an award she received from the NSCA Championship Tour for A Class – 4th Place Overall for 2015.   Josey also ranked 7th in Ladies in the Krieghoff All American Team for 2016 and 3rd in Ladies for the 12-Guage All American Team 2016.
Overall, Josey had a great year and continues to excel in the sport.


Sometimes opening letters is a thing of beuty!

Thank you!

The Fiocchi Team


The article “Can Ingestion of Lead Shot and Poisons Change Population Trends of Three European Birds: Grey Partridge, Common Buzzard, and Red Kite?” has been published on the scientific magazine PlusOne

PlusOne is a peer-reviewed scientific magazine published by the Public Library of Science, a non-profit open access scientific publisher based in San Francisco, California, and in Cambridge, England.

Background information
The study is the result of an extensive research carried out on a wide range of animals in occasion of the drafting of the Lead REACH dossier submitted to ECHA in 2010. The data were subsequently submitted to an in-depth analysis and integrated by experts of the Arcadis, a US company specialised in the field,  in relation to three of the most significant species of terrestrial birds present in Europe.

The population models used for conducting the study are aimed to consider the “reasonable worst-case scenarios”, and the effects of ingestion of lead shots by birds has been studied at the population as well as the individual scale.

The text published is the result of a long and in-depth debate between the Arcadis experts and the reviewers of the Scientific Committee of the magazine.

The synthesis of the study can be summarized as follow:

Lead shots can cause poisoning of individual birds,
but it has no significant impact on the population level

Accidents, trauma, starvation, disease and bait poison are emerging as the most significant causes impacting the birds life trend. In particular, the ingestion of poisoned bait appears particularly relevant among the mortality causes and in addition induces sub-lethal reproductive impairment.

Link to the study
The complete study can be found online by clicking here.


Hello Fiocchi Friends!

While the Fiocchi team is busy and happy at the 2016 shot show, we at the Fiocchi Web Team, thought to put our new 2016 Catalog on-line
hoping to make all of you happy! You can view & download it HERE !!!

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This year is Fiocchi's 140th Anniversary! Thank you for choosing us!


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