Fiocchi Friends Dog Contest

Congratulations to all the winners of this 2017 contest! Read more to discover if you are among the winners!

I have had the priviledge of owning many dogs since my childhood. From Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Great Danes, chubby Bulldogs to happy and extremely smart rescue pups, I have been blessed as a kid thanks to my parents  by many furry friends (including cats, crows and a wild boar!). This had a huge impact on me, it made me a more responsible and compassionate human. Dogs, and generically pets, bring love and more balance to a family. In times where so many values have been lost to the frenetic lifestyle of this new century, dogs  provide a moment of peace in my  everyday life. They help me connect with my roots, with my surroundings; when I walk with a dog in the woods, I feel every smell, see every detail more clearly, I never feel alone. Your dog is not only a pet or a workdog, it is a friend, capable of bringing harmony in the life of all of your family, from your small kid, to your mysterious teen. Sometimes people do not give the dog the respect we owe it as a thousand year old wolf that chose to live by our side. This yearly contest is important to me as it helps reminding us all of the greatness of this bond and of all the value it brings to individuals and families alike. Treat your pets with love and respect and it is amazing what you can achieve with them. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to peak in a window of your life through the pictures you send of your beloved dogs.

The winners of this edition of “Fiocchi Friends” are:

Margie Barlow      
Robert Warner     
Bob Henke          
Frank Hecker      
Paul Mann         
Donny Cicotte      
Rod Mayer       
Troy Wojtaszek       
Craig Jones     
Cadyn McCoy       
Faith MacLaren     
Lisa Warner     
Mike Self                  

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you again for sharing your pictures with us!

The Fiocchi Web Team

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2017 Fiocchi Friends Contest Winners!

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