Fiocchi Friends Dog Contest

Congratulations to all the winners of this 2018 contest! Read more to discover the winners!

I was delighted to see all your lovely furry buddies. Scott and I so happy for the opportunity to help some less fortunate dogs with a generous contribution from Victor Super Premium Pet Food this year!! The rescue group chosen to receive this help was the American Brittany Rescue. Thank you to everyone that sent pictures, voted for them, and shared them online. You contributed as well. Every little bit helps.
Our contest was the first of its kind to be recognized in this sector and has now been copied by many of our competitors.
I am quite proud of this, as it means it was a good idea and I hope that they will decide to help dogs in need too.

The winners of this edition of “Fiocchi Friends” are:
Melissa Scheuerman
Dave Coe
Dwayne Walls
Faith Maclaren
Frank Jacobs
Jennifer Bird
JW Kamp
Leon Dura
Nancy Ceccarelli
Rhonda Baxter
Rick Walleen
Tracie Quiggle
Kathy Steele
Chris Ellis

Congratulations to all of you! Your dogs are super special!
Thank you again for sharing them with me.
And a special thank you to

2018 Fiocchi Friends Contest Winners!

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