Fiocchi's little kitchen

Most of the Fiocchi family members really enjoy cooking and food, so do most of the people that work with us.  I would choose the Fiocchi lunch room in the Lecco  factory over many highly rated restaurants, the ladies that work there are amazing!

What images does Italian cuisine conjure up for you? Pasta, polenta, pizza, cream or tomato based sauces; flavorsome dishes using local produce; grilled fish at the coast; dishes made from parts of animals that other cultures reject: tripe, sweetbreads, brain, lungs. A cuisine so different from those of its neighbors in France, the Adriatic and North African coasts, that it appears to have resisted outside influences and focused instead on creating more sophisticated recipes for simple peasant dishes. Of course, that is very far from the truth.


With the happily increasing food culture that has been enriching our tables, I feel a post on “polenta” , a side dish and often main plate from northern Italy, could interest many of our hunters and cooks in the U.S.A. Polenta is the staple of every northern Italian kitchen cupboard, and as the Fiocchi Family is from Lecco we eat a lot of it!
Polenta is de facto a heavenly accompaniment to practically all Game.


This simple to prepare salt is ideal for white meats and fish. It will give your dish a fresh and interesting flavour even when you need
to cook in a rush! You can store it in a sterilized glass jar for up to 18 months, and even put it in small bags as a gift to friends and familybecause it smells wonderfully.


Directly from the italian traditional kitchen this is really a great dish to prepare, quick and easy but will be loved by all in the family. It is the favourite of our family for sure!


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