This is an amazing small appetizer, you can have these with a glass of champagne or white wine while you wait for the main course or just as a nice snack if you have someone visiting you for a happy hour at home, I am sure that all of you that love to go fishing will like this idea as it is so simpe and quick to do (always remember fish appetizers should be served only if the other courses include more fish, white meat and poultry or vegetable based dishes).

Ingredients for 4 people

- 1 smoked trout cut in classic slices (but you can use smoked salmon too)
- 200 gr of fresh spreadable caprino cheese (or philadelphia if you cannot find it)
- 25 gr of soft pink peppercorns (if you do not like pepper, you can subsitute this with minced chives or grated lemon zest)
- salt
- fresh chive strands to close your wraps

With a fork Blend the cheese with the pink pepper and a little bit of salt, lay down a slice of smoked trout, and with a small spoon put a spoonfull of cheese on one side of the slice.
Wrap it up, and close it with a strand of chive, making a little know to fasten it (if this is too complicated for you do not worry since the chesses should help the wrap to stay closed).
Repeat to create as many as you can. And voilà it is already done! Quick and easy.
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