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OWe love this simple and tasty recipe for Doves. It comes from the italian region of Umbria (in the center of the "boot"), we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

- 3 Doves*
- 95 gr of olive oil
- 200 gr of a mix of carefully hand minced carrots, onion and celery
- 3 Garlic cloves
- a hand full of thyme, sage, rosemary (possibly fresh)
- 2 bay leaves
- 95 gr of white dry wine, mixed with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
- small croutons, quickly sautéed in olive oil until nice and golden.
- salt

Clean the Doves perfectly (you can quickly pass them over a flame to get rid of the last small feathers), cut them to medium pieces.
Pour the oil in a pot and let it get nice and warm. When it is warm, throw the Doves in and let the simmer until they become of a nice slightly golden color.
Add in the carrot/celery/onion mix and the herbs, adjust salt to your own taste, stir very well until all is nicely mixed. Pour in the wine, and let all of this cook stirring once in a while for 40 mins (do add HOT water if they seem to dry for you, this should not be a broth put it does not have to look like a something burned either :-D ), when done, put the birds on a side, take the gravy that is left in the pot, and blend it. Filter it. Pour it over the doves with the croutons and let everything sit for 5 mins before you serve.

Buon Appetito!

*Do remember, you need to leave the Doves 5 or 6 days hanging in a well ventilated area, with their feathers still on to have them tenderize.*
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