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Sadly this morning Pino Fiocchi, known to all as “The Uncle Pino” (Lo Zio Pino), born  the 14th of July 1924 has passed away. 

He was a great man and a grand entrepreneur. He was the wise president of Fiocchi in the 1960’s and 1970’s, he guided the company and contributed to the production development of his country, receiving the “Golden Mercury Prize” in Italy in 1970 by the PM of the time Giuseppe Saragat.

He was one of the main responsible people involved in bringing Fiocchi Ammunition to the U.S.A and as a talented engineer a huge innovator in the ammunition industry and machinery. 

His sons Carlo, Costantino and his grandchildren, Carlotta, Beatrice, Giulio and Francesca will miss him very much.

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