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We as armed citizens are called to walk a higher path:  to provide security for ourselves, our loved ones and even those citizens around us who may despise the freedoms necessary to provide such protection.  Given the grim nature an armed conflict may lead to, each citizen who chooses to shoulder the responsibility to bear arms should endeavor to achieve ever higher levels of skill and discernment.

Ancient Romans continued the hunting traditions of their forebears on the hills and forests of Latium and in the lands they conquered. The Villanovans, their predecessors, certainly did: they left fine hunting scenes on the scabbards, razors, and other items found in their tombs.

Concrete skills exist that can change hearts and minds of anti- and non-hunters towards accepting hunting. I share an example from Darla Barr, Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden. I met Darla at the 2017 Texas Hunter Education Annual Conference in Abilene. She shared this anecdote on persuasion that occurred when two female anti-hunters aggressively challenged hunting and  essentially accused hunters of being murderers.

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