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Extraordinary people do more than wish to help people. They channel their compassion into something tangible—an event, a program—that actually does something to help. In their finest transcendent moments, extraordinary people inspire joy and beauty. By these measures, Erin Callahan is an extraordinary person.


Christmas is almost here!

The Fiocchi team wishes you all a warm, safe and happy one!

The new 2019 Catalog will be out soon! And as every year we are always so excited! We do our very best to gather in the catalog all the details on our new products, best news of the year, articles from great shooters and more!

So what will you find in the 2019 Catalog?

Well here is a little spoiler:

we will have Kay Miculek explaining a great drill to learn to shoot faster: the "Bill Drill"; we will have Sabbeth with "Four Fun Tips To Insure Hunting’s Future", Kat Ainsworth with a great article on concealed carry, the winners of our great charity dog photo contest and some amazing articles about food with recipes from the Fiocchi family kitchen, Fiocchi Fun days and Fiocchi cup articles by Adam and much more!

So stay tuned to be the first to download it and do remember you can pick up a real life copy at the Shot Show!

Happy Holidays!

The Fiocchi Team

Fiocchi USA Channel

  • Dianna Muller about 223 Ammunition
  • Win a day with Jerry Miculek!
  • Fiocchi USA 2016 SHOT SHOW
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