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Hunting season is upon us, and as I bagged a mule deer on opening day I have plenty of time to write on a topic that has helped me both in combat and while on the hunt.  That topic is called "Maximum Point Blank Range" or MPBR. 

Amazons, fierce female warriors, are the victims of a bad press. Greek writers, whom they both attracted and repelled, portrayed them as men-haters, who cut off a breast to be better archers; rejected all men including their own boy babies; and wore de-feminizing trousers.

Over 15,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, a massive glacier carved its way through the Italian Alps in what is now the province of Brescia. Its melting waters left behind the 56-mile long valley, which became a major crossing place for herds of game followed by hunter-gatherers and later for the exchange of goods and ideas.

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