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Concrete skills exist that can change hearts and minds of anti- and non-hunters towards accepting hunting. I share an example from Darla Barr, Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden. I met Darla at the 2017 Texas Hunter Education Annual Conference in Abilene. She shared this anecdote on persuasion that occurred when two female anti-hunters aggressively challenged hunting and  essentially accused hunters of being murderers.

If you head to the range, stand back and watch various shooters, you can notice some really interesting behavior.  One such item I've seen at many ranges, is the failure to expect accuracy.  Talented bolt action shooters who can drill 1/2 MOA groups regularly will pick up a modern sporting rifle (such as an Ar15) and totally bail on their expectations.  Instead of prone or at the bench, all of the sudden they're standing with poor chicken wing form, blasting rapidly and then decrying the rifle as inaccurate.  This isn't a failure of the rifle, it is a failure of the squishy matter between the operator’s ears.

I confess I am awed by the grit and toughness of the disabled participants. Outdoor Buddies Executive Director Dwaine Robey emphasizes that the point of rehabilitation is to DO something. But ‘doing something’ is often easier said than done. In Connor’s words, they have to get out of their comfort zones, which is rarely easy. These folks did not ask to be inflicted with their physical situations; they have to fight continuously to transcend their limitations.

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