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The 28th of January was special for me because I received medical clearance to fire a shouldered firearm, three months after a minor surgical procedure. I celebrated by joining my Rocky Mountain Vintagers buddies on the “Polar Bear Pheasant Hunt” held at The Bluffs, an hour’s drive east of Denver. I explain the enigmatic name of the hunt. For better than fifteen years our Vintagers Club hosted a trap shoot as its first event of the year, named the Polar Bear Shoot. Fiocchi USA ritually donated ammunition when we hosted The Wounded Warriors and ladies’ events.

Hunting myths that Ancient Greek storytellers narrated at gatherings were often based on the exploits of their Mycenaean ancestors whose remains have been dated to the late Bronze Age. We know them from Homer’s epic poems – the Iliad and the Odyssey, sculptured reliefs, frescoes and painted pottery. 

I am proud to have been able to consult with the Fiocchi team during the development of these loads and highly recommend them to all action shotgunner.

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