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This weeks were going to discuss some of the differences between the “promotional” shotgun shells on the market and Fiocchi’s Shooting Dynamics.  “You get what you pay for” is most evident in shotgun ammunition.  Let me start by saying the Shooting Dynamics is NOT a promotional load.  This article is to make it crystal clear that the Shooting Dynamics is superior to a promotional load for just pennies more per box.

We’ve already written about the evil recoil and how it can make for a great or lousy day.  I picked up a couple of the promotional loads out there and a Shooting Dynamics to see the internal differences as well as fire some.  OUCH!!!  After shooting exclusively Fiocchi ammunition for the last two (2) years, I was blown away how hard the promotional loads hit even in my semi-auto shotgun.

Look at the photo of the wads.  Which wad appears to have been designed to reduce recoil??? The “waffle” portion of the Shooting Dynamics wad absorbs more recoil than the others.  The wad isn’t the only thing… there is a lot of science that takes all the components into consideration to ensure reduced felt recoil, clean burning, and great patterning.

Now look at the shot photos.  It’s hard to see, but there are four (4) different shot sizes in the promotional load.  As for the Shooting Dynamics, the lead is all the same size.
If it’s the lack of quality control or they purposely used multiple shot sizes in the promotional ammo is an indicator, what about the rest of the load???  Fiocchi promotes our ammo, but not by inferior components and trying to be the cheapest.

As Carlo Fiocchi so eloquently states ‘putting a promotional load into a fine firearm is like putting regular unleaded gas in a Ferarri’… why sacrifice performance???  Remember, shooting is the way you want to spend your recreation dollars.  Why not give yourself the chance to maximize your fun???  Because in the end, it’s the shot that breaks the target!!!
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