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I am proud to have been able to consult with the Fiocchi team during the development of these loads and highly recommend them to all action shotgunner.

When I think of Fiocchi shotshells, the first thing I think of is the word “Champion”.  A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.  That is exactly what their comprehensive line of shotshells, designed for 3-gun competition represents.  All of the 3G+JM competition shotshells share the following features.  A rim design that is manufactured to very close tolerances, which insures dependable feeding and extraction.  Powder and primer combinations that result in dependable function with minimal recoil, along with less fouling and smoke.  The wadding selection on each load contributes to less recoil and predictable shot patterns.  And top it all off with a well defined crimp that allows for fast and consistent reloading.

First off their 3G+JM 7/8 ounce 12 gauge slug, at 1300 fps, is about the most perfect loading for the application that I have ever used.  The 1300 fps velocity allows for a flat trajectory and the 7/8 ounce weight of the slug contributes to low recoil.  This load works great in just about all gas and recoil operated shotguns.  The wad design allows the wad to travel to the target attached to the slug.  This feature alone  allows a greater level of accuracy in a larger variety of 12 gauge bore sizes and choke combinations.  

The most outstanding feature of the 3G+JM slug is the red coating.  This coating allows for minimal leading of the bore.  It also results in a drastic reduction in airborne lead, which means less smoke.  When shooting rapid fire many shotshells produce so much smoke that the view of the targets is obscured.  Fiocchi’s proprietary red coating on their competition slugs alleviates this hazard.  Also, the clear hull and red slug allows the shooter to instantly identify the slug load.  This is an important feature in competitions that require shooters to shoot different types of loads, such as birdshot, buckshot, and slugs, all during one single stage of fire.

Next up is the 3G+JM 12 guage, 9 pellet, buckshot load.  The velocity is 1250 fps, which works great in most gas and recoil operated shotguns.  Again, the clear hull allows for the proper identification of the load.   The buckshot pellets are nickel plated and ride inside of a protective wad.  These two features result in a extraordinarily predictable patterns with few flyer, which is very important in competitions where no-shoot targets are in very close proximity to shoot targets.

My favorite birdshot is the 3G+JM 1 ounce, 1150 fps, 12 gauge load.  This load consist of 1 ounce of high antimony shot, which deforms less when fired.  This insures great shot patterns.  Probably my best kept secret, this load provides low recoil and enough lead to conquer any 3-gun stage.  I absolutely love this load and it works flawlessly in my gas operated JM 930 Mossberg shotgun.  However, for those of you with Magnum gas operated shotguns or recoil operated shotguns, you might require a heavier load to insure proper function.  Fiocchi provides this option with their 3G+JM 1 1/8 ounce, 1250 fps, high antimony shot, 12 gauge load.  
Fiocchi USA is the first ammunition company to offer a full line of shotshells taylored specifically for the needs of the Action Shotgun and 3-Gun sports.  I am proud to have been able to consult with the Fiocchi team during the development of these loads and highly recommend them to all action shotgunner.

Jerry Miculek

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