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We as armed citizens are called to walk a higher path:  to provide security for ourselves, our loved ones and even those citizens around us who may despise the freedoms necessary to provide such protection.  Given the grim nature an armed conflict may lead to, each citizen who chooses to shoulder the responsibility to bear arms should endeavor to achieve ever higher levels of skill and discernment.

While not limited to just the shooting range, that is the venue most easily associated with improving one's skills in the concealed carry realm.  The shooter should use a mix of range drills from three categories:

  1. Static timed drills.  Using "El Presidente" as one example, a good static timed drill will incorporate the drawstroke, firing and some form of weapons manipulation such as reloads or malfunction practice.  This timed event is to be repeated every so often as a benchmark for measuring your speed and accuracy.  
  2. Combination drills.  With "Pace Yourself" as a guide, these events challenge you to balance out speed and accuracy, pushing both past your comfort zone to stimulate skill-growth.
  3. Discrimination drills.  Using "shoot, no-shoot" scenarios that don't focus as much on your speed as on improving your split-second decision making and information processing skills, you can keep your most important asset sharp.  As a Ranger, we used targets with spray-painted shapes of differing colors with numbers inside them.  An assistant can call out colors, shapes or numbers which you then identify and fire upon.  Sometimes, a target will be called that you don't have on your sheet ("green square"), a useful reminder it isn't always which target to shoot, but whether or not there is even one to shoot.

Outside of a live-fire range, prepared citizens can continue to keep on top of their game through dry fire practice, simulating defensive scenarios with a non-lethal training aid (such as an exact model airsoft copy of your concealed carry gun) and through study of the many security cam videos out there that show real-life lethal encounters.

Consider treating the responsibility of carrying a gun the same way we treat the responsibility of owning a vehicle.  Dedicating a little time and money each month to maintenance and upkeep will keep you running smoothly through nearly any emergency.

-Rex Nanorum

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