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Our reputation is an intangible value we inherited from our previous generations and we must preserve it for the future ones.                                  

When I started working in Fiocchi Munizioni on March 1998, I was fascinated by the challenging attitude, innovative vision and brave decisions taken by my father’s grand father, Giulio Fiocchi, the founder. Now, 20 years later, I can witness that that up to my generation, the fourth, we have been able to preserve the same spirit, though HE was the true pioneer.  

My father used to tell me that producing ammunition on a large scale is a complicated job because you have to join handcrafters care, modern technology and precision together for making the production of millions of rounds possible. My experience during these years has shown me that his words are wise and true. Fiocchi Munizioni has been combining these very different skills since its foundation in 1876; the typical care of Italian handcraft men, famous all over the world in every field , joins the tradition and technology of one of the most advanced industrial region in Europe and in the world, Lombardy. Furthermore I can state that all components of the family involved in the company are hunters or shooters or both. This is very important to me.

Nowadays Fiocchi Munizioni is a group present directly, with sister companies or dealers in 80 countries  through different continents. More than 850 employees generate a consolidated turnover of more than 190 million US$ of which more of 80%  comes from countries outside Italy.  The product range covers the whole panorama of small caliber ammunition, from .22 L.R. up to 50 BMG, involving pistol, revolver, rimfire, rifle and shotgun.
Our strength is to be able to produce every ammunition component (primers, cases, hulls, bullets, wads, shots) in our production plant in Italy. This allows us to control the whole production process and the final product quality. Just to give a rough idea we produce yearly more than 1.2 billion primers and 1.1 billion cases + hulls, 600 million loaded centerfire.

Relevant parts of the components are sold to our competitors for their own ammunition. We buy powders from different qualified suppliers according to our specific requirements.  
A further strength of Fiocchi is the capability to design and construct machines and tools that will be installed for our own production only. Thus, more than 95% of machinery installed (about 1500) have been self- made. This is important in order to keep under control the production cycle of both components and finish product.

The quality of our products is certified by the Nato qualification of our cartridges cal 9X19, 5.56X45, 7.62X51 this last both in the version ball and tracer. This means that these cartridges have passed strict qualification tests to allow their use by all NATO forces.

Our commitment in continuous improvements is also stated by following certifications:
•  Certification AQAP 2110 (quality
    management system in military production)
• Certification ISO 9001 (general quality
     management system)
• Certification ISO 14001 (environment
     management system)
• Certification BS OHSAS 18001 (safety
     management system)

Our ammunitions are utilized every day by top shooters of every discipline including Olympic championship. Four Olympic Medalists chose our ammo in the last Olympic Games and many more choose them at every event.

It is obvious that the R&D activity is a key factor in our sector and Fiocchi Munizioni invests 4 million$ yearly for it. This activity involves every department of the company, starting from the Technical Office, the production department, the Chemical and the ballistic. The main field of possible innovation is the use of alternative materials and components.  

Our team believes nothing and nobody can stop us when we decide to reach a goal like approaching a new market or developing a new product or machine. With such spirit, we never stop growing, all our experiences, positive and negative ones,  give us important lessons on how to better ourselves and reach for the stars. 

Our engineers are so skilled and appreciated at an international level, that they take part with leading roles in all most important decision groups of organizations like NATO, SAAMI and CIP.  They also play an important role as consultants for specific requirements of several MOD an MOI. I am personally proud about this achievement because it testifies not just Fiocchi’ staff professional qualification, which is of course important, but also our reputation worldwide.

Our reputation is an intangible value we inherited from our previous generations and we must preserve it for future ones. 

Costantino Fiocchi

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