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The Clay Lab Network is your premier hub for everything clay target-related! Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Sporting Clays and other exhilarating clay target disciplines. The Clay Lab is a rich resource for both novices and seasoned shooters, offering a diverse range of content. Explore expert tips, advanced techniques, and stay up-to-date on the latest gear in the industry through engaging 4K videos, insightful podcasts, and thought-provoking articles on sporting clays, FITASC, Trap, Skeet, and other clay target disciplines.



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Jereme Tayamen

A Master class sporting clay shooter from North Carolina passionate about producing clay target media content. Whether it is videography, podcasts, or written articles, Jereme Tayamen can create and produce it all. As an Active-Duty Service Member, he spends all his spare time with his family or producing content to further grow the community and sport. New to sporting clays as of 2021, he quickly became obsessed with the game and the people involved in it. As a student of the game, he is committed to his personal shooting goals and the growth of the clay target industry.

“I shoot the Fiocchi Little Rino’s 1oz 1250fps #7.5s because I know they will break anything thrown, no matter the difficulty, as long as I do my part."