AmmoSquared Adds Fiocchi Ammunition as a Direct Supplier

Tue Aug 15, 2023

Nampa, ID - In an exciting development that enhances its offerings to users, AmmoSquared is delighted to announce it has brought Fiocchi of America, Inc onboard as a direct supplier for its rifle, pistol, and shotshell ammunition needs.

Fiocchi, an established global leader in ammunition manufacturing, is renowned for producing high-quality ammunition. Recognized for its dependability, precision, and performance, Fiocchi's product range serves various applications, from self-defense and hunting to sport shooting and law enforcement.

The direct supplier partnership with Fiocchi underscores AmmoSquared's commitment to delivering top-notch ammunition and continues to break ground in its innovative approach to ammunition acquisition. This move allows AmmoSquared to ensure users have access to a consistent supply of Fiocchi ammunition, known for its reliability and superior performance.

"We're excited to work directly with Fiocchi," says AmmoSquared CEO, Dan Morton. "Fiocchi’s commitment to quality aligns with our dedication to providing the best possible products to our users. This partnership marks another milestone in our journey to revolutionize how gun owners purchase and manage their ammunition supply."

AmmoSquared's innovative approach to 'commoditizing' ammunition means users can build up their ammo stockpile over time, with the flexibility to trade or sell when they choose, giving ammunition a new role as a store of value. With the addition of Fiocchi as a direct supplier, users will now receive this highly respected brand in their ammo portfolio.

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