Bill McGuire & Will Fennell - Win at South Central Regional

Mon Oct 23, 2023

Fiocchi, a global leader in defensive, target, and hunting ammunition, congratulates Bill McGuire and Will Fennell, members of the Fiocchi Pro Team, on their wins at the South Central Regional held in Husser, LA at the Covey Rise.

Bill McGuire dominated the competition, earning 1st place in Main Event M2, Main Event Vet HOA, Prelim Vet HOA, FITASC M3, and FITASC Vet HOA. He also placed 3rd in Super Sport Vet. Will Fennell earned 3rd place in both Prelim Vet and FITASC Vet.

Holly Hammond, Fiocchi's Marketing Manager, stated, “Bill and Will’s outstanding consistent performances are a testament to their skill and hard work. Their dedication and skill showcase why Fiocchi is the choice of champions. Congratulations to them both on their well-deserved wins.”

Fiocchi has long been at the forefront of competitive shooting, and the company is dedicated to providing its brand ambassadors and professional shooters with the most reliable and precise ammunition available.